About Us

Welcome to English Partner

English Partner is built on the foundation of the most talented tutors all around the world. We intend to engage and inspire people with a will to learn. We through this journey, envisage to help those who wish to conquer English. We will aid you throughout the learning process, by means of WhatsApp via calls, private chats and class sessions. All good things have been the product of hardwork and so, we will walk with you to your goal, through constant learning, cautious assessment and carefully picked sessions. To us, you are not just a student, but a seeker of light. We being the bearers of that light, will accompany you through this journey of learning.


To Inspire people to learn something new and help them taste the triumph of life with the weapon of English language.


We strive to provide the best platform for people to learn and master, both English and Life.


We are on a never-ending pursuit to give the best training and learning platform at your comfort!

Why Choose Us

We offer comprehensive courses that provide an online platform to learn English through listening, watching, writing and mentored speaking.

Comprehensive Course

The courses cover major concepts in grammar, vocabulary, and offer ample speaking practice.

Learning Made Online

Students can choose to learn at a time of their convenience, from anywhere on the globe.

Personal Mentoring

Personal mentors with whom you can interact via text messages and phone calls to get hands-on experience over the language.